“I came to Cindytalk by way of It’ll End in Tears, the 1984 album by This Mortal Coil on 4AD Records. Gordon Sharp’s vocals were a highlight, particularly on a cover version of Big Star’s ‘Kangaroo’ – no mean feat given that Elizabeth Fraser, Howard Devoto and Lisa Gerrard also sang on the record. The record sleeve helpfully credited Gordon as a member of Cindytalk, and as he notes in the interview below, many came to discover the comparably darker world of Cindytalk this way.”

That’s the introductory paragraph to an interview I carried out with Cinder for Stride Magazine in 2010, which can be read here:



Many years later, I’m thrilled to be releasing Cindytalk’s new album Subterminal on False Walls, with artwork by Paul Tone (some of which is shown here). Cinder’s recent solo and predominantly electronic albums have continued to resonate in many poetic ways for me. More details/listen here.



The first album review, from International Times, includes: “Each of the four tracks is long enough to allow the listener to be sucked into the abstract landscapes which are evocatively conjured up here. Sound is sustained, drifting through changes of texture and dynamics, other noises echo and fade, interrupt and disrupt, feedback starts up then immediately ceases. It is disturbing, intriguing stuff, music to drift and dream in.”

— CJ Mitchell, False Walls