Henry Dagg and Evan Parker’s new album┬áTHEN THROUGH NOW was launched at The Hot Tin, Faversham, on November 20, 2022. The event included support from Filter Feeder, an improvised performance by Henry and Evan, and a Q&A session with Henry and Evan facilitated by CJ Mitchell of False Walls.

Listen to and / buy the album here.



Mark Bandola on Facebook reported: “Outside, the elements were lashing fiercely autumnal, but inside a lucky crowd of music fans were blissfully being transported to a technicolour meeting of heavens and terra firmas spectaculaire, thanks to two musical mavericks, Evan Parker and Henry Dagg, playing a concert in their mutual stomping ground of Faversham, Kent, at the beautiful, inspiring The Hot Tin (literally a vintage church made of tin!!). The show was a benefit for this valuable alternative entertainment venue, and a showcase for the superb new album by the duo called ‘Then Through Now’, an unprecedented merging of the (BBC) radiophonic tones of Dagg’s “Stage Cage” with the highly expressive arpeggios of Parker’s saxophone – both artists are of the intuitive notion of re-acting rather than merely acting, so the lush waves of harmonics and mysterious melodic tumblings were both adventurous and heartfelt – and the crowd were focussed and appreciative.”


The following gig photos were taken by Simon Shaw Photography.