ANDREW POPPY: new release, launch event and online interview

Ark Hive of A Live is a 4 CD set of recordings by Andrew Poppy, along with a 128 page book, including writing by Andrew Poppy; an introduction by Paul Morley; other writing by Leah Kardos, Nik Bärtsch and Rose English; and archival photographs.

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From the International Times review: “If, as the False Walls website says, ‘Ark Hive is an ironic meditation on the archive’ which ‘brings together elements of biography and materials from a lifetime of creative endeavour in sonic, language and visual forms’, then I would like to suggest that it is much more a celebration of being alive, of being persistent, tenacious and single-minded. Of being a wonderful composer, performer and musician … a superbly designed package … “



The launch event for Ark Hive of A Live is on 4 April 2023 at Century Club, Soho, London. At the event, Andrew will be in discussion with the author Travis Elborough, and perform ‘Almost the Same Shame’ in person; the conversation will be accompanied by a selection of video pieces compiled by his long-term collaborator Julia Bardsley.



A new interview with Andrew is also available here: