Astrïd: “a deep impression every time”

Always Digging The Same Hole by Astrïd has received a positive response since its release. Here are some extracts from some recent reviews, along with double-page spreads, with images by Peter Liversidge, from the CD booklet.


“The fact that their music hasn’t reached more ears is yet another mind-boggling event that is sadly becoming all too familiar across the underground landscape. … A release heavy with emotive, sullen atmospheres and tempo shifts that echo the likes of Chris Abrahams and The Necks …”



“An immersive experience that evokes deep emotions and invites listeners to get lost in an exceptional sound world.”



“Astrïd manages to make a deep impression every time. … unfolded in a cinematic and rustic way. You have to look for it somewhere between Dictaphone, Set Fire To Flames, Rachel’s, Talk Talk, Boxhead Ensemble, The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble and Slow Six. It is majestic masterful magic that they bring out here.