Ribbon Effect

ep98 began with group improvisations, listening for intersections that elicited images and emotions. Pulling from these improvisations, Ribbon Effect created songs that are both simple and haunting. Building anticipation with patience, desire, and a frontier sensibility, they navigate sonic terrain between American folk and blues, various experimental traditions, and contemporary electronic music.


“ … this half-hour excursion … confirms the Chicagoan trio’s capacity to deliver a convincing ragout of rock-oriented improvisation and practised studio know-how. Electronic keyboards, guitar, drums and accordian are cast in moulds that owe a debt to dub, melodic Krautrock or the sound design skills of group members Jacob Ross, Danielle Malkoff and Bill Talsma.”
– The Wire magazine, UK


Empty Bottle, Chicago: album release show, 2002




Recorded and mixed in June 1998 by Ribbon Effect (Danielle Malkoff, Jacob Ross and Bill Talsma) at Experimental Sound Studio, Chicago.


Cover art: Joel Ross




Original CD release: 2002 (out of print)
Digital Release: November 19, 2021

CD and digital purchase also available from Bandcamp, see above.