Storobo Imp.

Storobo Imp.

Uchihashi Kazuhisa and Gene Coleman

Uchihashi Kazuhisa is widely known as a member of Ground Zero (1994-97), and has performed with some of the world’s best known improvisers. Gene Coleman has diverse experience as an improviser, composer and curator. When Coleman was living and working in Japan in 2001, he and Uchihashi played a number of concerts together, and at the Storobo recording studio in Tokyo produced Storobo Imp. All tracks feature Coleman on bass clarinet; Uchihashi plays guitar/electronics on two tracks, while on other tracks plays the daxophone. Remarkable improvisational engagement is revealed across a series of diverse settings: from manic squabbles to contemplative drifting; single shimmering notes to rhythmic and melodic sequences.


“Gene Coleman’s work as a bass clarinetist and as a tireless promoter of genre-defying music is exemplary, and this set of seven improvised duos with Uchihashi Kazuhisa is superb. Uchihashi has been unfairly overlooked in recent times… but he’s been quietly perfecting not only his use of electronics but also the daxophone, a wild and wonderful instrument invented by Hans Reichel that sounds like a couple of walruses fucking in a plastic bathtub. Together with Coleman’s fruity bass clarinet, it sounds magnificent.”
– Paristransatlatic magazine


Note: Gene’s album Exploratorium was released in 2023 on False Walls.




Tracks 1, 7: Uchihashi Kazuhisa, guitar and electronics; Gene Coleman, bass clarinet
Tracks 2-6: Uchihashi Kazuhisa, daxophone; Gene Coleman, bass clarinet


All tracks recorded May 18, 2001 at Storobo Studio, Tokyo
Recorded by Zak Matsumura, CD mastering by Todd Carter


Photos: Tom Denlinger
Design: John DeVylder
Liner notes: Gene Coleman


This recording was made possible in part by Japan-US Friendship Commission; Governor’s International Arts Exchange program of the Illinois Arts Council


Original CD release: 2004 (out of print)
Digital Release: January 28, 2022

CD and digital purchase also available from Bandcamp, see above.