Subtle Invisible Bodies

Subtle Invisible Bodies

Tiny Hairs

The debut full-length recording from Tiny Hairs, and the first release on the False Walls label. Tiny Hairs produce constantly mutating sonic textures which pass through states of somber melancholy and joyful exuberance, creating a complex aural landscape rich in contrast and imagery. Their music features manipulated radio transmissions, fragile melodies, droning chord progressions, subtle percussion, and insect-like electronics, producing quiet, trance inducing results that might suggest wandering explorations through nocturnal landscapes.


“… Tiny Hairs can be dreamlike and poignant like the more abstract, soundscaped moments of Hood, where melodies uncoil out of a melee of atmospherics. … Tiny Hairs achieve a balance, where the found sounds and electronic trickery that is often seen as an intriguing backdrop to the more ‘musical’ portions, is afforded equal aural status. … a great album.”
Comes With A Smile, London


Empty Bottle, Chicago: album release show, 2002




Mark Booth — guitar, keyboard (2)
John DeVylder — double bass, acoustic bass guitar (4,7)
Charles King — electronics (4, 5, 8), turntable (2, 4, 5), shortwave (6, 8), electromagnetic bicycle/shelving/fan/jar of bolts (7)
Jonathan Liss — guitar, keyboard (7)
Jim Lutes — drums
Peter Rosenbloom — violin, viola, acoustic bicycle (7)


Recorded by: C. King at Damen Tool and Die, Chicago, IL
Editing: C. King & Tiny Hairs
Painting: M. Booth
Design: J. DeVylder


Original CD release: 2002 (out of print)
Digital release: November 19, 2021

CD and digital purchase also available from Bandcamp, see above.