The Time and Motion Studies

The Time and Motion Studies


Molar’s three sound architects create a range of dystopian, dark and nightmarish scenes, only to rebound in euphoric delight. Textures, pulses and tonal patterns repeatedly morph, while tangential shifts take each track to unexpected destinations. Moments of grit and aggression turn into playful bliss, and turn somber again.


These sonic excursions arose from improvised sessions using a combination of digital and analog devices – capturing a half-human, half-machine feel. The material was then sculpted and edited into a concise, engaging set.


For the 2022 digital release, Jim Goodspeed of Molar revised the track listing.


“Peculiar electronic music with strange flowing qualities… Instead of familiar melodies and recognizable song structures, the trio instead opts to create musical soundscapes that evolve odd waves in the brains of the listeners. Particular beats and rhythms are infrequent and/or subtle as the players bend and mutate their oddly layered compositions… Plenty of excellent mental material here.”


“… The Time and Motion Studies is a sleeping gem that’s just waiting to be discovered.”


PAC/edge Performance Festival, Chicago: album release show, 2004




Jim Goodspeed — guitar
Matthew Johnson — keyboard, laptop, guitar processing
Lars Fischer — laptop


All tracks improvised by Jim, Matthew, Lars
Edited by Jim


Mastered by Mike Hagler at Kingsize Sound Laboratories, Chicago


The Time and Motion Studies:
Frank Gilbreth, Lillian Moller


Photograph: Jim


Original CD release: 2004 (out of print)
Digital release: January 28, 2022

CD and digital purchase also available from Bandcamp, see above.