Tiny Hairs

Coldless is the second CD from Chicago improvising sextet Tiny Hairs, and patiently navigates spontaneous lullabies, free noise nastiness, somnolent near-grooves, and topographical points in-between. The music is as complex and difficult to categorize as it is quiet, sleepy, harsh, concentrated, minimal, ambient, free, spacious, and folk influenced, Tiny Hairs are unafraid of melodic beauty as they are of kicking up a storm of noise.


“Chicago-based improvising sextet Tiny Hairs makes music that touches on multiple styles: electronica, post-rock, experimental improvisation and even minimalism… On their latest release Coldless… the group moves their work towards a more experimental vein; in the process they find their own, highly original voice… Coldless is not merely concerned with edgy experimentation and innovative structures. On “Iceland”, they create a beautiful, spacious soundscape, with lovely harmonies, reverberant acoustics and delicious incremental changes of timbre… Coldless is a significant and attractive addition to a growing spate of experimental recordings from Chicago that resist easy categorization.”
– Copper Press, USA


“Tiny Hairs’ new album Coldless is a work of desolate beauty: violinist Peter Rosenbloom and guitarists Mark Booth and Jonathan Liss are wonderful at shaping their parts around one another’s, sometimes in interlocking patterns, sometimes in three-way solo explorations, but always with satisfying musicality; drummer Jim Lutes, upright bassist John DeVylder, and electronics guy Charles King alternately gird their elliptical patterns in loose-limbed grooves and strident noise. “Stalk of an Eye”, with its Morricone-esque twang, suggests a Tortoise piece condensed to the succinctness of haiku.”
– Peter Margasak, Chicago Reader, USA


PAC/edge Performance Festival, Chicago: album release show, 2004




Mark Booth — guitar
John DeVylder — double bass
Charles King — electronics
Jonathan Liss — guitar
Jim Lutes — drums
Peter Rosenbloom — violin


tracks 10, 11
November 2001, Experimental Sound Studio, Chicago, IL
Lou Mallozzi, Engineer
Recorded for “Hollywood Blvd”, a Sandra Binion film


tracks 1, 2, 7, 8, 9
August 2002, Experimental Sound Studio, Chicago, IL
Pete Wenger, Engineer


tracks 3, 4, 5, 6
Fall 2002, Winter 2003, Garfield Park Studios, Chicago, IL
C. King and Tiny Hairs, Engineers


Drawings: J. Lutes
Design: J. DeVylder


Original CD release: 2004 (out of print)
Digital Release: November 19, 2021

CD and digital purchase also available from Bandcamp, see above.