Tiny Hairs: Live

Tiny Hairs released two CDs on False Walls: Subtle Invisible Bodies and Coldless.

They improvised their live shows, between 2000 to 2009: http://www.tinyhairs.com/dates.html

From The Onion’s listing for Tiny Hairs w/Pow!ers/Cozzolino (at Mother Fool’s, 1101 Williamson St., Madison, WI), July 21, 2001:

“Tiny Hairs has a penchant for long songs with longer titles (“The Water has its Skin as Does the Sky,” “The Sun behind you makes your ears look red”). “Songs” might be the wrong word to describe Tiny Hairs’ minimalist improvisations, which combine the sound of traditional acoustic instruments with often-random electric noises — interrupting, say, a lovely violin melody with the sound of a short-wave radio transmission. It’s spontaneous music without the frequently punishing atonality of free jazz, proving that experimental doesn’t necessarily mean unlistenable.”

Tiny Hairs at Lula’s Cafe, 2537 N. Kedzie, Chicago, IL.  March 11, 2000