Between 2002 and 2004, the Chicago-based False Walls label released six CDs. The label has been dormant since 2004, with its six CDs long out of print. Now based in Faversham (UK), the label re-launches in 2021, with its old catalogue of six releases made available for download for the first time.

The first three digital releases come out on November 19, 2021:



Tiny Hairs: Subtle Invisible Bodies (fw01)

“… Tiny Hairs can be dreamlike and poignant like the more abstract, soundscaped moments of Hood, where melodies uncoil out of a melee of atmospherics. … Tiny Hairs achieve a balance, where the found sounds and electronic trickery that is often seen as an intriguing backdrop to the more ‘musical’ portions, is afforded equal aural status. … a great album.”
Comes With A Smile, London



Ribbon Effect: ep98 (fw02)

“ … this half-hour excursion … confirms the Chicagoan trio’s capacity to deliver a convincing ragout of rock-oriented improvisation and practised studio know-how. Electronic keyboards, guitar, drums and accordian are cast in moulds that owe a debt to dub, melodic Krautrock or the sound design skills of group members Jacob Ross, Danielle Malkoff and Bill Talsma.”
The Wire magazine, UK



Tiny Hairs: Coldless (fw03)

“Tiny Hairs’ new album Coldless is a work of desolate beauty: violinist Peter Rosenbloom and guitarists Mark Booth and Jonathan Liss are wonderful at shaping their parts around one another’s, sometimes in interlocking patterns, sometimes in three-way solo explorations, but always with satisfying musicality; drummer Jim Lutes, upright bassist John DeVylder, and electronics guy Charles King alternately gird their elliptical patterns in loose-limbed grooves and strident noise. “Stalk of an Eye”, with its Morricone-esque twang, suggests a Tortoise piece condensed to the succinctness of haiku.”
Peter Margasak, Chicago Reader, USA

The remaining three digital releases come out January 28, 2022.