The following three digital releases come out on January 28, 2022:



Uchihashi Kazuhisa and Gene Coleman: Storobo Imp. (fw04)

“Gene Coleman’s work as a bass clarinetist and as a tireless promoter of genre-defying music is exemplary, and this set of seven improvised duos with Uchihashi Kazuhisa is superb. Uchihashi has been unfairly overlooked in recent times… but he’s been quietly perfecting not only his use of electronics but also the daxophone, a wild and wonderful instrument invented by Hans Reichel that sounds like a couple of walruses fucking in a plastic bathtub. Together with Coleman’s fruity bass clarinet, it sounds magnificent.”
Paristransatlatic magazine



Molar: The Time and Motion Studies (fw05)

“Peculiar electronic music with strange flowing qualities… Instead of familiar melodies and recognizable song structures, the trio instead opts to create musical soundscapes that evolve odd waves in the brains of the listeners. Particular beats and rhythms are infrequent and/or subtle as the players bend and mutate their oddly layered compositions… Plenty of excellent mental material here.”



Goat Island: “What would your shadow do?” (fw06)

Goat Island was a Chicago-based collaborative performance group, 1987–2009. The company produced performance works developed by its members for local, national and international audiences. The company also researched and wrote collaborative lectures for public events, and often subsequently published these. “What would your shadow do?” was originally commissioned for radio broadcast as part of the 2002 Outer Ear Festival of Sound in Chicago. The piece combines text recorded live at the Nightwalking Conference (London, 2002) with additional sounds and audio effects.